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Free Vaccines for Life FAQ's 

Q: What happens if my pet doesn't make it in to see the doctor before a year passes?

A: There is a 30 day grace period before your pet's membership expires. If your pet does not come in to be examined by the doctor within 30 days of the annual wellness exam due date, then your pet's enrollment in considered null and void. You would then have to pay regular prices for all vaccines from that point on, or if the program is still available, you could re-enroll your pet.

Q: Do I have to pay again every year? What else do I have to buy?

A: There is no annual or recurring membership fee. Once you have paid the one-time enrollment fee, your only commitment is a single paid physical wellness examination by one of the veterinarians at Wrightstown Veterinary Clinic annually. You will be responsible for the examination fee.

Q: If I purchase the program from you, can I use it at other veterinary hospitals?

A: No, the Free Vaccines for Life program is exclusively offered at Wrightstown Veterinary Clinic

Q: Can I transfer the policy to another pet?

A: No, the program is non-transferrable, however you may enroll as many pets as you like individually.

Q: How long will this program be available?

A: Once enrolled, your pet is enrolled for life. WVC reserves the right to stop accepting new enrollments at any time.

Q: If my pet dies or runs away, shortly after joining the program, can I get a refund?

A: No, we do not give refunds after purchase for any reason.

Q: If I give away my pet, will the new owner be able to use the program?

A: No. If you give your pet away, then the new owners will have to purchase their own program.