Animal Rescue Groups

Wrightstown Veterinary Clinic

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Animal Rescue Groups

  • Wisconsin Dog Rescue  A not-for-profit, self policing rescue and adoption network comprised of Wisconsin animal shelters, humane societies, and Wisconsin Rescue groups.


  • Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary    Through the work of the sanctuary and its education, adoption, and spay/neuter programs, the mission of Happily Ever After is to provide both temporary and life time care to animals and bring about a time when all the companion animals born in to this world will be guaranteed a quality of life in a loving home.



  • Petfinder  Every day, finds thousands of loving families for homeless pets.


  • Green Acres Boxer Rescue of Wisconsin takes in Boxers from all areas of Wisconsin. Approximately half of the incoming dogs are surrendered directly by their owners for reasons including: new baby in the house, moving, no time for the dog, allergies, etc.  The other half come to them from shelters.  Some shelter dogs are unclaimed strays and some are surrendered to shelters by their owners.  They work closely with shelters and other rescue groups across the state.


  •  Eastshore Humane Association  The mission of the Eastshore Humane Association and Animal Shelter is to promote responsible pet (companion animal) ownership in Calumet County and to care for those animals without responsible ownership.


  • Fox Valley Humane Association  FVHS serves the greater Fox Valley area as a resource for pets and people, providing protection and quality care for all animals as well as educational programs and animal welfare services for the community.


  • Bay Area Humane Society The Bay Area Humane Society & Animal Shelter, Inc. is a non-profit organization which promotes the humane treatment of animals, reunites pets with their owners, and provides protection, care, and shelter for unwanted and homeless companion animals.