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Our Doctors

Dr. Kelly Schaumberg

Dr. Kelly Schaumberg:

Hello! My name is Kelly Schaumberg. I attended Veterinary School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated in 2004. My interests are in soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, as well as dentistry.  After practicing in the area for a number of years, I became the owner of Wrightstown Veterinary Clinic in 2010.  

Being a veterinarian has its rewards. I especially enjoy taking care of animals and helping their owners to give them the best care possible. I believe that having a pet is one of the best experiences in life. Taking care of that pet should be a rewarding experience. Our goal is to treat your pet as family. I promise to take time for you and your pets, to answer your questions and make your veterinary experience a positive one. 

Currently I reside in Wrightstown with my husband Bill and our four children Audrey, Liam, Landon and Charlotte. We also have a cat named Riley and a dog named Sherman. In my spare time I enjoy sporting events, cooking, entertaining friends, and spending time with my family. I look forward to seeing you and your furry family members.

Dr. Ann Wenzel

Dr. Ann Wenzel:

Dr. Ann Wenzel graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015. She started her career as a large animal veterinarian, but a few years ago her career interests changed, and she began pursuing small animal medicine. Dr. Ann has interests in small animal soft tissue surgery and dentistry.

In her free time Dr. Ann enjoys the outdoors. She spends a lot of time walking outside, hiking in the woods and bicycling.

Dr. Ann currently resides in the Appleton area with her two cats Zadie and The Chunk, who sometimes like to be called by their wild cat alter egos…Weird Rib and Notch

Dr. Ann Wenzel has wanted to be a veterinarian her entire life, and has been the one responsible for the care of the family pets. She wants to provide the best medicine and surgery she can for your furry family members, and treat them as if they were her own.